Intelligent agricultural meteorological escort planting efficiency

On the 24th, a group of meteorological information released by the Dehui Meteorological Station caught the attention of Chang Zhaogang, the head of the Chang Zhaogang Planting and Breeding Cooperative in the main tobacco production area of Dafangshan Town, Dehui City. The forecast indicated that there will be short-term strong convective weather within 24 hours. Please do a good job in hail prevention in the area. Members of the cooperative quickly prepare and promptly set up anti hail operation points. Tobacco is the most afraid of hail, and there are thunderstorms and hail weather in summer. Such accurate and small-scale weather forecasts are too important for us! “Said Chang Zhaogang.

Chang Liqiu, the director of the Dehui Meteorological Observatory, introduced the workflow of this precise hail suppression system – the weather radar completes a body scan every 6 minutes. Based on the radar echo indicators of different stages of cloud development, combined with the real-time monitoring data of satellites and regional automatic meteorological stations, the operation cloud area is comprehensively analyzed and determined, and the cloud height, intensity, thickness, etc. are calculated to ultimately determine the operation direction, operation mode, and ammunition consumption, Carry out operations through the ‘command system for weather modification operations’.

We will produce and submit the ‘Next 7 Day Weather Forecast’ one week in advance Provide weather process trend forecasts. Before extreme weather such as typhoon and rainstorm, Dehui Meteorological Station will strengthen the linkage with Changchun Meteorological Station, guide Dehui to make weather forecast and release important meteorological information in time. One day in advance, forecast accurately to the stormy area of the township, enter the refined meteorological warning state of impending disasters 6 hours in advance, and issue accurate quantitative forecasts to the township one hour in advance Chang Liqiu said.

Crops planted in the open air are greatly affected by the climate. At present, it is the field plant protection period, and various regions in our city have taken effective protective measures based on the characteristics of crops to ensure that they grow in a suitable environment. However, in the implementation process, specific meteorological data must be used as a reference to achieve the effect of ensuring the healthy growth of crops. It is understood that the agricultural IoT application platform laid out in our city includes intelligent agricultural meteorological stations. Professional meteorological monitoring equipment has been applied to agricultural production, reflecting meteorological changes with data, making agricultural safety services more in place, and further improving the ability of modern agriculture to prevent and control meteorological disasters.

According to Li Wendong, Deputy Director of Changchun Agricultural Information Center, the Smart Agricultural Meteorological Station belongs to an integrated meteorological station, which is easy to install and operate. The agricultural meteorological station mainly consists of meteorological sensing heating, collectors and transmission modules, solar panels, brackets, etc. In recent years, with the development of planting agriculture, many large agricultural planting areas have introduced intelligent agricultural meteorological stations to monitor agricultural meteorological changes. The meteorological factors that intelligent agricultural meteorological stations can monitor include temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, solar radiation intensity, etc., enabling people to timely understand changes in agricultural meteorological information and improve planting efficiency.



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