Hengshui Jingxian Smart Agriculture Helps Rural Revitalization

According to the analysis of current monitoring information such as soil moisture, seedling condition, and climate, the planted glutinous corn still has about 20 days to mature. It is necessary to timely carry out disease and pest control. Recently, at the Smart Agriculture Monitoring Center of a farmer’s professional cooperative in Jingxian, Hengshui, staff are developing corresponding field management methods based on monitoring information.

Our cooperative has more than 40000 acres of land transferred and entrusted, making it difficult to manage. This year, we invested over 200000 yuan to install a digital agricultural service platform that can monitor soil moisture, seedling conditions, and diseases and pests in real-time and efficiently. We can check crop growth at any time through mobile phones and computers, perform precise fertilization and irrigation, and facilitate field management. We can also save more than 100 yuan per acre, “said Sun Tao, deputy manager of the cooperative.

In the past, farming relied on experience, but now farming relies on data. The application of smart agricultural big data platforms has effectively solved the problem of large-scale management for large farmers. Developing smart agriculture will effectively promote the adjustment of agricultural industry structure, accelerate the digital transformation and upgrading of agriculture, drive farmers to increase income and become rich, and assist in rural revitalization. “Li Xin, the head of the technical station of Jingxian Agriculture and Rural Bureau, introduced.

In recent years, Jingxian County has been accelerating the construction of high standard farmland, promoting the organic integration of “Internet plus”, cloud information technology and agricultural production, greatly improving the content of agricultural science and technology, reducing the farming burden of farmers, helping to save costs and increase efficiency in agriculture, and making agricultural production “easier” and “more scientific”. As of now, the county has promoted more than 60000 acres of smart agriculture new model farmland, involving more than 180 administrative villages in 8 townships, benefiting more than 5600 planting households.



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