Najitun Farm: “Drones” to Assist in Comfortable Field Management

In August, when the wind blew the bean flower fragrance, we walked into the soybean planting land of the 16th company (team) of Hulunbeier Agricultural Reclamation Najitun Agricultural Ranch Co., Ltd. What we saw was endless soybean fields. Under the gentle wind, they moved layer by layer and came forward.

At present, it is a critical period for mid-term field management of soybeans. In order to increase soybean production, Najitun Farm Co., Ltd. has launched large-scale “drone” spraying operations. Under the operation of technical personnel, four “drones” rose into the air and flew towards the vast soybean field, spraying loaded foliar fertilizer on soybean seedlings to ensure their strength, podding, and high yield.

Yang Peng, the director of the Enterprise Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Science and Technology Department, introduced to reporters that each “drone” can load about 40 liters of leaf fertilizer, and the daily operation is about 1200 acres of land. It can be sprayed once in 2 to 3 days, not only improving the efficiency level of mid-term field management, but also achieving the goal of stable growth.

With the assistance of technology, field management is comfortable. Using drones to implement foliar fertilizer and insecticidal sterilization operations can greatly save labor, shorten operation time, improve work efficiency, promote agricultural production through technology, intelligence, and mechanization, and help stabilize grain production and increase income.



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