Technology Products Assist in Strengthening Field Management in Northeast China

The grain production in Northeast China accounts for over one-third of the national autumn grain production. Faced with the impact of recent heavy rainfall, provinces such as Heilongjiang and Jilin have improved their scientific farming level and continuously strengthened field management.

This year, Fujin City in Heilongjiang Province has continuously increased the application of smart agricultural machinery, applying technology products such as plant protection drones and smart agricultural machinery to modern agricultural production, providing technology, services, technology, and information to farmers, and improving their scientific farming ability.

At present, 20000 mu of saline alkali rice in Longnuo Town, Da’an City, Jilin Province is in the critical period of heading. In order to achieve stable and high yield of rice, drone spraying of leaf fertilizer has been adopted locally.

It is understood that these 20000 acres of paddy fields are newly improved saline alkali land this year. The local area has improved the saline alkali land through the use of organic silicon new materials for biological management, reducing the pH value of the paddy field from 10 to below 8.



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