Smart agriculture accelerates industrial integration and boosts the economy

These days, workers are busy pruning and pulling branches in the 1200 mu apple standardized cultivation demonstration garden of the sixth company of Tangyi Town, the 51st Regiment of the Third Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.

The standardized cultivation demonstration garden for apples is equipped with a set of soil sensors, soil acid and alkali testers, etc. every 200 acres. Management personnel can use a mobile phone to conduct on-site measurements, take photos, and upload them to the intelligent management system in the background, quickly providing the next stage of water and fertilizer management prompts. After one click opening, the field began to drip and fertilize, which also opened the eyes of local farmers.

I think this orchard is particularly good, different from other orchards, very powerful, very modern, and I can learn a lot of techniques here.

This standardized apple cultivation demonstration park is managed by a company named Tumushuke, and is led by a modern smart agriculture demonstration through a cooperative operation model of “group enterprise joint investment, enterprise operation, and investment return”.

The comprehensive application of dwarf dense planting cultivation technology, efficient water-saving irrigation technology with integrated water and fertilizer, vertical grid cultivation technology, and orchard full mechanization management technology not only saves costs but also maximizes land efficiency, helping to create a modern ecological sightseeing demonstration park.

The introduction of a forest and orchard intelligent management system is equivalent to the role of an agricultural expert, providing us with agricultural advice, from management to planting can be achieved on the system, “said Liu Hongqing, the company’s planting engineer.

After the 10000 acre smart agricultural industrial park project is put into operation, it can provide 2200 job positions. Through the “enterprise driven – farmer contracting – enterprise bottom-up” model, it can drive people to increase income and become rich, fully leverage the advantages of enterprises in information technology, further improve the level of agricultural production intelligence and automation, and increase industrial carrying capacity and added value.



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