Tongcheng, Anhui: Agricultural Bank of China empowers smart agriculture

On the morning of July 27, in Yang’an Village, Fangang Town, Tongcheng City, Anqing, Anhui Province, Kaisheng Tongcheng Modern Smart Agriculture Co., Ltd. was busy. In the glass greenhouse where the first phase has already been put into production, workers are pulling seedlings while the shed is closed, preparing for the arrival of new tomato seedlings in September. The main steel structure of Phase II has been gradually completed and various advanced system equipment is being installed.

Rural revitalization requires industry first. Tongcheng Modern Smart Agriculture Industrial Park, which is operated by Kaisheng Tongcheng Modern Smart Agriculture Co., Ltd., is a key project of agricultural industrialization in Tongcheng City, with a planned area of 800 mu, a total investment of 1 billion yuan, the introduction of advanced agricultural facilities and planting and operation technology from the Netherlands, the combination of Internet of Things technology, the use of Big data to guide production and sales, and the realization of batch production and production process traceability of high-quality vegetables.

The project investment is significant, and the loan from Agricultural Bank of China is very timely, which has accelerated the construction speed of the project. “Lv Sheng, General Manager of Kaisheng Tongcheng Modern Smart Agriculture Co., Ltd., introduced that the industrial park was jointly promoted by the Tongcheng Municipal Government and China Building Materials Kaisheng Technology Group. The project quickly landed and put into operation, which is inseparable from the efficient services of Agricultural Bank of China.

At the beginning of the planning of Tongcheng Modern Smart Agriculture Industrial Park Project, ABC Anqing Branch and ABC Tongcheng Sub branch actively docked with each other, deeply participated in the project planning scheme, and understood the capital demand. Agricultural Bank of China Anhui Branch promptly issued a fixed asset loan of 126 million yuan for the project, with a loan term of 16 years. Recently, the project has been selected as a typical case of modern facility agriculture investment and financing mode of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, which has played a good leading and demonstration role in helping the local development of modern facility Plantation industry.



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